Thursday, January 26, 2012

Sleepless in Zion.....

Well, it has been two nights in a row now that we have had loud rumbling noises here in the Canyon.

YES, for me it is very scary and I remain sleepless! It has to be rock slides... as in the past weekend we had nearly 48 hours worth of moisture! I plan to do some hiking this weekend and will investigate. At first I felt like I was only one of two locals who heard and felt it but it continued last night and now others are commenting.

We had a terrible earthquake back in 91 or 92 and I will try to hike up to the center of it ....this weekend as it is only about 2 miles from me.

Nothing like an adventure for this "zion girl"!


Jenny B said...

At 9 pm last night i went out side to get our dog and heard crazy rumbling. Someone on FB also heard it at the same time in ivins. Someone else also commented from vegas saying its some training thing they are doing at the AF base. ??? what time do you start hearing it???

Zion Girl said...

For me it started Tuesday night at 9PM and then again about 20 minutes later. Crazy huh? Wish we could get some answers!