Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Feeling Guilty Now!

How many of us would really admit to the taking of a magazine from the Dr's. office? How many of us tear out a recipe very quietly from the magazine? Well, on Monday I took a friend into the Dr. for some early morning surgery and about a great selection of magazines.

I have to come clean that I did take a December issue of Martha Stewart with the intention that I would send it back with my friend when she goes in for her 2 week follow up appointment.

I have to say that after I got it home and thought about it.........Is this stealing? Is this alright if you intend to take it back? Will I have her just nonchalantly sneek it back in or just go lay it on the table? What? How crazy is this?

So, the question is: Is it wrong to take a magazine or tear out recipes from the Dr.'s office magazines? I had also thought about asking the receptionist to copy a recipe for me. Reading some internet comments tells me this is a BIG NO NO!

They are old! Sometimes several months, which means I can't find a copy on the magazine rack and it's time for the office manager to get rid of them. I figure I am 1.) saving the office manager/receptionist a trip to the trash can, and 2.) recycling. The environment? Come on, guys.

I have done some research (time on my hands) online and here are some interesting thoughts and comments!

Jill says: So I worked for a Dr. for years and I must admit it's where my pet peeve stems from. Although it was worse when people would come up to the desk and ask us to make some copies out of what they were reading... its then I wished they'd have just hid it in their purse. It was only when the new ones were taken that it really bothered me. I am just selfish and wanted to enjoy them myself during lunch.So in conclusion... Taking new, no. Taking older, no problem, they just get thrown away. O' and don't make Dr's office staff make copies of articles. That's just my opinion.

Tisha says: Okay, I have never taken an entire magazine, but I have carefully torn out pages with recipes or fun ideas. Besides when it's fall and you are reading the valentines issue of Family Fun does it really matter?

Chrissie says: The official opinion of a receptionist, if they are old it is probably fine. Just ask. I have torn out pages before, and I have seen other people do it too! They look around to see if anyone noticed the load tearing noises. Pretty funny.

Julia says: You are too funny!! Sinner, haha. Yeah you are pretty much going to ****

Rebecka says: You thief! You do know that you can go to your local library and rent out as many magazines, new and old, as your heart desires...Try that next time.

Something to think about huh? And I guess on Friday when I go to town I will be swinging by this office and making a wrong.........a right!

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