Friday, January 27, 2012

Night Rumblings Continue

Well....the night rumblings and window shakings continue. It's always around 9PM and now there are folks feeling and hearing this in Washington County and Iron County. It was so bad last night that my windows shook and now we are hearing "jets" so...........being the Sherlock Holmes that I am, I have done some investigating and with the help of locals and of course my friends on FB this is our logic.

Not far from us here in Zion is a place called Smith's Mesa or Monkey Mesa (the name monkey mesa is another story and includes monkeys riding on jet seats and being shot off of rockets). It is just outside the city limits of Virgin, Utah. Any moment now I expect the feds at my door....just kidding! This info is public knowledge and all over the internet. During my days as a home health nurse I had a patient that also divulged alot of information in his great stories when he was employed there! *******still waiting for the feds to come knocking! ha ha ha ha.

Back to our theory! There appears to be some sort of night training going on! Smith's Mesa is located between Hill Force Base and Nellis! do the math!

The photo above is the airstrip or testing strip. I'm pretty sure this is the rocket testing strip. I have been up here years ago and this place is pretty secure with fencing and an electric eye at the gate and a HUGE sign that says you are being watched per the USAF......I love it!

This link really is the best that I have found that talks about the mesa and the history! Enjoy it.

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