Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Home Made Pop Tarts

There are just some things you remember as a child! I can still remember where I was when President John F. Kennedy was shot...........I can still see my desk at school and I can close my eyes and see everything in that 3rd grade classroom.

Some things are just that "BIG". Certain things you never forget! getting to my point here. I can still remember my very first magical frosted pop tart encounter!

I was at my girlfriend, Shelly Cox's house and besides her having the coolest bedroom and in the coolest house ever........SHE HAD POP TARTS! And I am not talking about "a" box............When she opened her kitchen cupboard there were boxes and boxes. I am still in awe of this some forty five years later. The year was 1967 that the first frosted pop tart "popped" into our lives.

On a local Utah noon TV show today (Studio 5) they had a segment on how to make home made ones. Here is the link for the actual video if you are interested:

After doing a little research...........I see they are everywhere.

Yes, Wikipedia...........I needed you today!

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