Monday, October 28, 2013

The Big Red Barn Weekend!

On Friday I traveled north to spend the weekend with my daughter Ivy and her sweet family!
We have started a tradition every year where we spend a Saturday at the Big Red Barn and we do the hayride and the pumpkin patch.
It is so fun!  The kids love doing this! do I
Our Sweet Little Jenny!
Lukas, Jenny, Claire, Henli and Layni!
Dad, the sweet grankids and my Ivy!
On the wagon and ready to go!
I see pumpkins!
This year they added this sweet track and the new pedal cars!
The kids loved them!
The Big slide that you go down on feed sacks!
They couldn't talk me into the big one but I did the little one!
Our Little Claire loved the cars!
They had larger cars for the bigger kids!
Jenny finally figured out how to make it go!
My sweet family!
How I adore them!
Ivy and Claire looking for the perfect pumpkin!
Nana found the perfect pumpkin!
Henli, Nana and Jenny!
Everyone found their perfect pumpkin!
Some of us went way far away! 
Can you see them walking back on the road?
Riding the cute wagon thingy!

Our Day at The Big Red Barn!

Northern Utah Halloween Decorations!

Notice the bars on the windows!  I am guessing at one time this was probably a jail.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Trick or Treat Bags

Look how adorable my Trick or Treat bags turned out that I made for the twins Jenny and Claire.
I bought the Tutu skirts at a second hand store for $3.00! 

Friday, October 11, 2013

Who Doesn't Love the Scarecrow?

Before I headed to Vegas last week I stopped and bought these cute little scarecrows
for my grangirlies Wynter and River.  Last year in every store that had one Wynter would dance with it all over the store.  It was too cute!
Now they have two of their very own!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Going Home....

IOWA will always be my home!
Here are just a couple of the places and things I dream of......
...... and I soon will visit!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Hogle Zoo Day

In June I traveled north to join my daughter and her family for a day at The Zoo!
It was all good with the exception of a bad tire on the stroller for the twins.
Poor Cody!
But with a little repair here and there we were off and running!
It wasn't long though that things with the tire went south...literally.
As we got down by the elephants it popped....LOUD!
I swear it sounded like gunfire.
 People were probably ducking but I just looked around like "what was that".
Everyone was looking at us.
Ha Ha Ha
Just another day at the Zoo for us!
Camo photo.  Can you see us!
It was the summer of "All things Lego".
Scarey Lukie Bear!
Look out for those Lego snakes in the tree Luke and Henli!
Eagles Nest
Awesome Lego Polar Bear
Lego Penguins
The twins were to little to ride by themselves last year!
Not this year.
Bird Show is always our favorite!