Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Button Button...........

How cute is this idea! This would be adorable in any childs room!

Supplies needed:- Printer- Scissors- Cardstock- Pen or Pencil- Adhesive- Paper Piercer- Buttons and Brads, Frame without glass or shadowbox.

To create your monogram, begin by cutting cardstock large enough to fit in your frame. Next, you will need to print out a letter. Keep in mind that you want thick lines in order to fill them up with buttons and brads. Then cut out your letter and place in the center of your cardstock, tracing the lines onto the paper.
Start placing your large buttons and/or brads onto the cardstock, keeping them as lined up with the edges as possible. Since we’re using rounded Elements, you won’t be able to fill the corners, but we will fill them in with smaller brads and buttons later. Use the AC tape runner to put a little adhesive on the back, I wouldn’t use a liquid adhesive because you may need to rearrange some things as you go.

Once you’ve filled up a large portion of your monogram, it’s time to start doing the filler. For this, use smaller buttons and different size brads. Begin with the smaller buttons, then it’s time to start with your brads. You can use all different sizes of these, you just need a small spot to poke it through, and then it can overlap with the buttons which adds a lot more dimension. Pop them through with your hands, there’s not really enough space to use a hole punch, but a paper piercer would work fine as well.
Once you’ve covered your letter with Elements, place it in a frame.

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