Saturday, January 14, 2012

"Wee Blocks" by Lori

My blogging friend Lori is amazing! I admire her sooooo much. She has an amazing blog and she posts some of her most wonderful and treasured photos ever! She is such an inspiration to me and besides she has been to Africa! I am so jealous! For most of you who know me.....know that visiting Africa is my life long dream ever since my Mackenzie visited there for three months.

Now.......about these adorable blocks! It has given me such a cute idea for my own granbabies! I guess now I will have to learn to paint.... or my thought is that I will make these into family member photo blocks and some of them will be of olden dayz. You know, genealogy blocks! Family members that passed years ago that they didn't even get a chance to know. It will be fun to discuss stories of these ancestors while playing. Oh, I am so excited! Now to find the blocks! I have just looked on Ebay but they are pretty pricey! Another project! I love it!

Thank you Lori for the inspiration!

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