Saturday, May 28, 2011

Make Your Life Matter

The older I get.......I have come to realize that on a tombstone it's not the two dates that matter, but the dash in between, for that represents your life story ... make it memorable!!!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

More Cool Beach Cruiser Bikes!

Lahaina Coral Teal Beach Cruiser
Nirve® Galaxie frame •1-speed w/coaster brake
•Aluminum wheels
•Candy Bars™ handlebars
•Nirve® 26'' Pinwheels™ flower tread tires
•Full length fenders
•Welded kickstand
•Nirve®flower embossed double spring saddle.
•Also avail. in 3-speed coaster brake version - see Lahaina-3 listing #1496
•Some units may come equipped with a front hand brake

•Please allow up to 14 business days for delivery of the Lahaina Beach Cruiser

I like..........I like alot!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

This Bike Has Brooke Written All Over It

Dreamcycle Single Speed - Women's 26" Beach Cruiser Bike.

I want...........I want...........I want!

My friend Allie got a new beach cruiser for her birthday and I have been "bike envious" since I read her recent post!

If I close my eyes I can see myself riding this little jewel all over Zion and how cute would a little flower basket be on the front?

I hope I dream tonite of this "dreamcycle"................

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Who Doesn't Love the Park...

The parks of the 21st century just amaze me and It seems like there is a park on every block. This park in Las Vegas where Mackenzie and Joe take Wynter even has a splash pad.

When we were kids.......that is what the garden hose was for!

Am I right?

When we were kids ( I kids are shaking their heads), but seriously all we had were swings, slides and usually a broken down old teeter-totter. There might have been an old set of monkey bars but that was a very long time ago to try to remember. But I do remember that I would swing for hours and hours at a time. We were even daring and stood up on the swings! Woo Hoo............

Oh I miss my youth!

Wynter is thinking "how do I get a drink here?"

Monday, May 16, 2011

Why Am I So Happy?

Why am I so happy? I really do get this question alot! I had never really thought about this much until the past couple of years or so but I have always known that my life is happier when it has gospel centered values and an eternal purpose. This life we live here on earth is wonderful and so full of many great blessings that surround us each day. But.....there is more than just this earthly existence.

I am so happy that my joy and my "light" shines through in my day to day countenance. I do know that living the gospel in my day to day life brings to me these many blessings that my Father in heaven knows that I am in need of and.... am worthy of.

This earthly life also however brings forth many challenges that often times throws a "speed bump" into my journey. (darned ole speedbumps)...I cannot let these challenges get me down nor can I let them stand in the way of my journey to someday living again with my Father in heaven and his son, Jesus Christ. I pray everday for the courage to accept the things that I cannot change and to make the most of what I have. know the importance of "pressing on" to gain my eternal reward!

Being a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is not only a church with Jesus Christ at the helm, but for us it is a lifestyle that does bring us joy and happiness and offers us an eternal plan to live again with our Father in heaven together with all of our family members in the next life. We believe in an "Eternal Plan". How awesome is that? What a wonderful plan that there is more... than this life on earth!

We are not saved by our works........

We are saved by our grace.

For more information on The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints please visit:

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Twins Turn One

This past weekend I traveled north to celebrate the first birthday of our twins, Jenny and Claire. I really just cannot figure out where the months have gone. It seems like just yesterday when my Ivy called and said mom "we are having twins"!

It was an amazing weekend with most of the family gathered together for this blessed event.

They had decided that a "Luau" was in order and it gave my son in law Cody a chance to prepare all of his favorite "island" food. He served a 2yr. mission in the Figi Islands for The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints. He had a wonderful mission and fell in love with all the people there. Thank you Cody for sharing all of your delicious recipes.

A great big thanks to Cody's mom Becky for all her hard work; food preparation, fantastic decorations and her loving hospitality of opening up her beautiful home to all of us. It was indeed a wonderful celebration of love and family.

Family Luau

Our twins! How adorable are they? Jenny and Claire

My daughter Ivy is the most amazing woman. She can multitask more than any person I have ever known, but then she has had to learn to do 25 things at once with five children all under eight! She is an inspiration to everyone around her! She is the most wonderful and caring mother, the best Aunti, the bestest friend, the most caring sister in law, the best daughter ever and an amazing wife. She is always there for everyone! I always worry that she spreads herself to thin but when someone as special as "she" is around just want to be loved by her!

I am soooo grateful that she is my daughter and my best friend! She is always there for me and I know that I can always count on her when I need her great words of advice or guidance.

I love how she loves the gospel and raises her children to be the best examples of Jesus Christ that they can be.

Sweet Sweet baby....... Claire Cynthia

Our Sweet baby....... Jenny Rebecca

The above photos were taken across from Becky's house and I spotted this beautiful Bleeding Heart plant as we were walking back. It brought back such wonderful memories of my own Grandma Opal's garden and I have not seen a bleeding heart in years. It was the most wonderful "Serendipity" moment. Oh how I wished my Grandma Opal were still here on this earth to share this day with us but I do know that she was watching from up above.

Family Luau

The cousins love to all be together! Sunni, Layni and cute are they?

Ivy and Becky......sister in laws and the bestest of friends!

The fun is just beginning here... I love my family and my extended family!

My Family Is My Greatest Blessing

I am sooooo thankful that my daughter Mackenzie and I are the best of friends. She is truly an inspiration to me and someone that I can always confide in and count on!
How grateful I am for her unconditional love she shows to everyone that surrounds her.

She spreads sunshine wherever she goes.

Her smile lights up my world!

She will always be my "little bear"......

She is the best mama in the world, the best sister, the best Auntie, the greatest wife, the best friend and the best daughter! Most of all she is a wonderful daughter of her Heavenly Father! I love how she loves and lives the gospel and it shows in her every day life. She is a wonderful example of Jesus Christ!

Little Wynter loved Grandma Beckys Island Swing.


Cousins; Mylie, Sunni, and Layni (and that sweet little dog again)......

Cousins; Wynter and Henli

Can you say "grass skirts"?

Becky's new Pavilion that the boys help her put together the weekend before.

Very Nice Becky!

Nate and Ese supervising the Island Teriyaki Beef and the Grilled Pineapple!
It was super super yummy!

Cash, Jordan, Andrew and Mason checking out this amazing backyard. I swear if I lived here I would never ever have to leave home!

Luau Fun

Two moms, two daughters and 5 granddaughters!

This is one of my favorite photos of the day...........It speaks volumes of the love that we all have for one another! How grateful I am for mom Cindy and for the friendship that we have shared throughout the years of raising the best daughters in the world. I am truly blessed by having her in my life.

Our little Island Princess Wynter

Cutest mama and baby girl ever!

The King of this Luau............Cody in his "island wear"!

Luau Food and Family

The food was amazing! Thank you Cody and Becky for all of the preparation that you both did and all the others who shared their time, talents and yummy recipes.

Some of you may be wondering "what is up with the Luau theme". Well, my sweet son-in-law, Cody (father of five and the birthday twins) served his mission for the LDS church in the Figi Islands and he thought it would be super fun to have this as a theme.......and it was!

The Blessing of the food by Grandpa Christensen and that would be the twins Great Grandpa!

Luau Fun

Sisters-In-Laws and friends! Ivy, Aubrey and Becky