Monday, September 15, 2008

Lincoln Memorial

What a beautiful view at the Lincoln Memorial. Remember the movie "Forest Gump"....... Well , this is the place..... I was doing a little
re-inactment............ You Know...
Forest.......Jenny...........Forest.....Jenny...when this girl behind me started laughing.......

My fathers final resting place at Arlington National Cemetery

This is the columbarium located in Arlington National Cemetery.

My father served faithfully as a United States Marine from Nov.2, 1948 to Sept 10, 1952. He landed with the marines at Inchon Korea on Sept 15, 1950 at the age of only 22 years. The bugler pictured had just finished a service nearby and graciously posed for this picture. Even though my father passed on June 30, 2000 my mother decided to have him "Inurned" here in 2008. His "niche" is located on the top row 3rd from the right. He is surrounded by many other marines and members of the armed forces who also faithfully served their country.

Arlington House

The beautiful home of Robert E. Lee and his wife Mary Anna Randolph Custis Lee ( grandaughter of Martha Washington). Due to the civil war and Lee's love for the south they boxed all their belongings in wagons and open carriages and left about the 8th of May1861. It stood empty with only servants in attendance until the 23rd of May when more than 13,000 Federal troops marched across the long bridge to occupy it. Eventually they would bury dead soliders here to make sure that Lee would never return.......hence........Arlington National Cemetery.

Mount Vernon Greenhouse

Located on the grounds is this beautiful greenhouse and gardens.................this would be to the left of the main house. You can always go to to check it out. Remember in THOSE days they pretty much had to do for themselves. They grew there own herbs here and much more.

Mount Vernon

This is the beautiful view of the Portico side of the house looking out over the Potomac River. I know now why George and Martha Washington loved this place so much. Here you could see the lives played out by their grandchildren, Nelly Custis and George Washington Parke Custis, of whom they raised. Pictured is my mom.......

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Birthday 2008

This years birthday was just "the best birthday ever"......... No kidding. My daughters and their families showed up at my door at 10:00 at night with cupcakes, candles and balloons... Wow Was I surprised............We then spent the next 2 days doing all kinds of fun stuff. We went to Fiesta Fun Center in St. George and rode the go carts and water boats. It was 106 degrees that day. They even bought me what I have been wanting, a Sirius Satellite Radio System. Joe installed it that day. I have the best family in all the world. Thank you and I love you all so much. Thanks for sharing this weekend with me.

My Birthday

My birthday............and I'm not telling anyone how young I am. The only thing I really find great about birthday's as you get older are two things: Being surrounded by a loving family and those AWESOME gifts. This year was the best.
We are headed out to dinner at Majestic View Lodge. Pictured are my grandaughter's Henli Christine and Layni Brooke. What a couple of dollies.