Thursday, January 19, 2012

A Proper Thank You

I have been pondering this topic for quite sometime now and I have been thinking about why I didn't receive "Thank You" notes for the many wedding/shower gifts that I have sent this past year. I would like to think that this isn't our younger generation not caring .....but that just maybe they have not been taught the importance of the "Thank You Note"!

I have to say that I know that I have alot of blog readers and maybe we can just pass this information along in hopes that this expression of gratitude is not a lost or forgotten form of appreciation. I hope I am not offending anyone might say.....well, just stop sending gifts! I have a special love for these youth and I enjoy spending time picking out that special gift just for them. So.........not giving gifts is not an option for me, I would just like a thank you!

My girls have Always sent thank you cards for these above gifts! Maybe we are just old school but I have to say that I am hurt that I didn't receive a thank you from these past gifts that I have sent. Also, It makes you question the fact that "did they even receive my gift"?

Bottom line here...........It is still proper etiquette to send a thank you note. It really doesn't even matter to me that it is a year or so later. I would like to know that you have acknowledged my kind gesture and that you are thankful.

Writing a thank you note seems like a simple enough task, but there are a few etiquette rules to remember. Thank you notes are written to express gratitude for any gift you receive. They let the giver feel appreciated and they're likely to remember your gratitude in the future.

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