Friday, November 25, 2011

It's A Brooke Day!

When I went into town today to attend the Temple and do very little "black Friday" shopping I took the camera along and figured I could play tourist too. It is still late fall here in the heart of Dixie (that's what we call southern Utah) and the temperatures have been amazingly warm as it was close to 70 degrees today. This is probably my last opportunity to catch the beautiful fall foliage.

These photos are of the Brigham Young home all dressed up for the holiday.

This is the east lawn and you can see why there are always lots of engagement and family photos taken here.

So gorgeous and so festive!

The grounds are covered with many different varieties of trees.

This is the house next door and when my children were little this was one of the day cares that they attended. We all loved this home so much and I can still remember them playing out back and I would love going to have lunch with them here. many years ago.

This is the history on this beautiful old home.

This home sits kitty cornered from the Brigham Young home and is now a bed and breakfast.

It is the Seven Wives Inn.

Yes........I know. Brigham Young had many many wives....that's no secret!

This is the St. George Tabernacle and is located just down the street from the previous homes. It is still used today for many concerts and programs.

This the very first High School in St. George and is now a Arts and Recreational Center.

The St. George Temple captured through some awe inspiring fall foliage.

There was alot going on here today as the traditional Temple Lighting ceremony is tonite!

The beautiful nativity polished and ready for everyone to ooh and awe at!

Lots of seating..........but it is never enough. People come from all over for this very traditional and spiritual event.

This is the church house across from the Temple that we attended for a really long time.

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