Thursday, November 17, 2011

Button Snowman Card

These old-fashioned cards are made with sewing notions you probably have around the house.

To make them, you'll need card stock in medium and heavy weights; white buttons in three graduating sizes; clear-drying craft glue; needle and colored thread (we used red, white, and black); a hole punch; and ribbon.

Fold medium-weight card stock in half to form a card; fold heavier card stock over it. Glue three buttons onto heavier card stock to represent a snowman. Position top buttonholes to form a face when filled in with knots of colored thread. (If buttons have four holes, line up top button's holes to form a square; holes of two lower buttons should form a diamond.)

Use a needle to poke a hole through just the top card and each buttonhole. To make eyes, thread needle with black thread, knot at end, and pull through top buttonhole from behind top card. Make another knot close to the button; poke needle back through the same buttonhole to back of card. Bring needle back through second eye hole; repeat process for this and additional buttonholes.

For a mouth, sew across two holes on top button with red thread. The inside card will hide the stitches on the outer card. To secure cards together, punch two holes through top of each, thread ribbon through holes, and tie in a bow.

Because buttons are fragile, the cards should be mailed in padded envelopes.

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