Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Framed Button Tree

How super cute is this! The dollar store usually has a nice assortment of frames and if the color doesn't suit you .........well just paint over it! And............who doesn't have a little box of buttons laying around? My box of buttons is overflowing! If you don't have buttons you could still visit a thrift store such as Salvation Army or of course, the local Deseret Industries. There are many ways that you could just make up your own ideas on this, like using felt for the tree. Have fun!

Framed Button Tree

You’ll need:

•Steam iron
fusible web
•12” x 14” piece of
felted wool
•Frame with a 12” x 16”
back opening
•16” x 20” piece of fabric
for background
•Assorted vintage buttons
•12” x 16” piece of foam
core board
•Craft glue
•Vintage Christmas pin (we used a jumping-jack Santa)
•Ribbon to decorate the frame (optional)

1. Fuse the web to the wrong side of the felted wool.

2. Make up your own tree template or go to gooseberry website and click on tree template there.

3. Cut the tree from the felted wool. Center and fuse the tree on the background fabric.

4. Sew the buttons on the tree.

5. Center the foam core board on the wrong side of the background fabric. Wrap and glue the excess fabric to the board back.

6. Insert the board into the frame. Add a vintage Christmas pin and enhance the frame molding with ribbon, if desired.

Thank you http://www.gooseberrypatch.com/for another super cute holiday idea.

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