Monday, December 26, 2011

Being Together For The Holidays

Ethel M Chocolates’ Holiday Cactus Garden

For the 18th consecutive year, Southern Nevada residents and visitors from around the world will celebrate this holiday season by strolling through a chocolate wonderland with the official public opening on November 15 of Ethel M Chocolates’ Annual Holiday Cactus Garden. This super fun event goes until January 1st.

So... Friday night we bundled up and headed to the Ethel M. Factory. It was amazing and so much fun and let me say there were zillions of people there! At times we were just elbow to elbow. Needless to say......we really had to keep our eye on Wynter. We even ran into relatives and got to catch up and of course we had the $5.00 cup of hot chocolate! What???? It was totally worth it.

Nana Brooke and her adorable Wynter Brooke!

Mommy and daughter........

Super cute penguins... There must have been over 30 to 40 of these cute blow ups placed throughout the gardens. Santa was there of course, and then there was beautiful holiday music being played throughout the venue.

Joe, Kenzie, Wynter and my mama, Claire.

Wynter is so cute.....She loves calling her Grandma great!
OOPS....Baby River is here just can't see the stroller!

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janis said...

What fun! Wynter looks adorable & happy with her sweet family! You are the best Nana!
I wanted to wish you a MErry Merry Christmas... I hope that yours was delightful♥