Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Mazal Tov

Congratulations to my little buddie Noah!

He will always be my "Little No-Bear"

This past weekend I traveled to Vegas to spend some very precious time with my Jewish family and friends! My little Noah had his Bar Mitzvah at the fabulous.. Green Valley Ranch Resort.

Ok........you know your staying at a super nice resort when they have a robe for you.

My view from the room of the Strip! Needless to say I slept with my drapes open so I could absorb all of the Vegas night lights..........

CAN YOU SAY.............FABULOUS!!!!!!

Very Mediterranean...

The Lobby in it's finest festive beauty!

Noah, the Rabbi and Noah's hebrew teacher, Adam.

Hmmm.... Can you say "very happy Noah"!

Noah's great Uncle Mark...what a hoot!

The tables were amazing with a baseball theme.

Mark and Marilyn traveled from Israel for the big event.

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