Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Long Live The Spirit of Christmas!

Repurposed pumpkin idea for next year!

Next year! What? How can that be?

Where did the time go?

Are you already thinking about packing up your Christmas decorations? I am not quite ready to tackle that project just yet. I have company coming for the New Year! However, I have been thinking about a few things…Keeping the Spirit of Christmas with me through the year…Long live Christmas!

I have been thinking about how much I love this time of year and what it would be like to keep Christmas close at hand every day of the year.

What might that look like?

Long Live the Spirit of Christmas!

Christmas lights up on the house for the 4th of July…Christmas decorations sitting dusty in every room of the house…and jingle bells playing on the radio at Halloween. I guess there are people who love the Christmas Holiday so much they would consider embracing these ideas. But I think NOT!

However, what I am thinking about is the Spirit of Christmas…the Spirit of love and laughter, the Spirit of giving…the Spirit of Peace on Earth and goodwill toward mankind.

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janis said...

give me joyous Christmas music any time of the year! BUT.. I do hate to see Holiday decorations out too late. Love the re-purposed snowman!
Happy 2012 Brooke!