Thursday, December 15, 2011

Northern Weekend

This past weekend I traveled north to spend some holiday time with my daughter, Ivy and the family. It's always a wonderful time! We made lots of yummy peanut clusters and haystacks for her to give as neighbor gifts and of course..... a few to eat ourselves.

Henli and baby Jenny love playing Wack a Mole and smiling for their Nana!

You can't really see Ivy's Christmas Tree here but whoah...........not much of a theme this year as the babies seem to think they need to rearrange it all day long.

Our sweet babies in their holiday shirts.

Onto the Festival of Lights in Spanish Fork, Utah. This was so amazing! We have been wanting to do this for years so Saturday night was the night. You pay $5.00 a car load and then turn off your lights and follow the cars. No getting out of course! But I soon realized that I could lean out the window to get some great photos!

Ya think my Ivy was excited here?

Who wants to see the Festival of Lights?

Who wants a candy cane?

Layni's new coat from her Great G'Ma Claire!

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