Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Craving Something Sweet Today.......

Who loves Twizzlers? Me! Strawberry baby!
4 pieces =160 calories
19 sugars and 36 carbs..............WOWZA !

Yesterday on some crazy talk show I heard you should only have 16 sugars and 6 carbs per day.

which one of my friends said that this was a healthy snack?
but...but.... but I love licorice.............

You may I enjoying this treat as I write? ♥♥

Are you kidding me? I LOVE gummies and for Valentines they have heart gummies?

I will be looking for these for the grand-kiddos and for me of course!

1 comment:

janis said...

yummy! Twizzlers have always been a favorite for me :)
Im also excited for the sweet little Necco Candy Hearts & Red Heart Cinnamons!
And my favs are Chocolate covered cherries♥