Friday, February 18, 2011

BYU Weekend!

This past weekend Steven and I went north to take in the BYU Utes game at the Marriott Center in Provo. What a great time we had. We got to spend time with so many family members! We saw my sweet Ivy and her family and Steven's parents and some of his siblings and their spouses. I LOVE northern Utah and I loved it that there was still so much snow on the ground. The weather was perfect! It was cold and just the way I like it! We had a great day on Campus and lingered in the BYU Bookstore where there is so much to look at and buy. I bought Steven and I each a vinyl sticker for our cars. He is the BYU graduate but I'm a fan there.

Here we are off to the Marriott Center as we are just coming from the MO-A. Huh? We had asked the young man at the bookstore where the Museum of Art was and he said, you mean the MO-A? Too cute..........It made me feel like 20 years old again. Maybe we both felt that way just being on campus! Anyway, we had a wonderful but hurried time at the Carl H. Block exhibit. It appeared that everyone had the same idea as we ...........we will take in the art before the game. It was wall to wall art lovers! Oh well, for us there is never enough time for all the things we want to squeeze into a twenty four hour day!

The beautiful mountains in Provo! Just seeing them warms my heart!

We had some sweet seats! These were a gift for Valentine's and for our 6 month Anniversary!
It was a sold out game!

It's the Jimmer Fredette show! It was awesome seeing him play in person. He is truly amazing!

The seats that you see empty to the right are "special" seating.........They made everyone get up and go to the side and then it happened. The lights dimmed and then from the center of the arena four large white fabric panels came down from the ceiling and then as the players came onto the floor it showed them on these white panels in "giant size"...........Awesome

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