Friday, January 14, 2011

They Are Returning!

I got the call a couple of weeks ago ...........and they loved their time here so much in Zion Canyon that they are returning again in March.

These cute kids and their leaders are part of The Jewish Community High School of The Bay.
That would be San Francisco.... for ya all that didn't know. They filled 20 of our rooms last year for three days. They were delightful and some of the best behaved youth we have ever seen.

It was so exciting for me to get to see and understand some of the their Jewish culture. They actually bring and feed their kids with all kosher food. Can you imagine? I helped unload all of their groceries that they pick up in Vegas and then transport to our facility.

They actually hire a couple of local guides and then travel up into the park for two days and hike some of the most beautiful trails. They then have a day trip up to Bryce Canyon which is about a 2 hour drive from Zion.

Can you tell that they love their time here in Zion?

These are some of the teachers that accompanied them and of course they were so much fun to be around. The most wonderful thing about their visit last year was that the weekend they were leaving to fly home, I too was traveling to San Francisco for the weekend. They gave me some great tips and things to do and especially taught me about "the trolley".

As my mother and I were going through security at the Las Vegas Airport............who should I see...but all 73 of their smiling faces! How funny is that? They were on the earlier flight so that was the last I thought I would ever see of them.......until the recent phone call.

Interesting how we sometimes roll in and out of each others lives! Not really ever knowing when we will meet again. I am so grateful for my many earthly experiences and I feel like there is so much to learn of others and certainly from others.

Just call me............ "Curious George".

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