Monday, January 17, 2011

Northern Weekend

This past weekend Steven and I traveled north for a missionary farewell, and what a wonderful farewell it was. This Elder will be serving in the St. Louis mission for the next two years! It was a wonderful time with family and friends.

These first two photos were taken while traveling about 15 miles an hour for about 26 miles on I-15 between Santaquin and Orem. Road construction everywhere! We were not in a hurry so we just enjoyed the view and each others company. It probably wasn't 26 miles as I tend to exaggerate on some things......hahahah.

We stopped at my daughter Ivy's house both on the way up and the way back. This is our adorable baby Jenni.

Our sweet baby Claire. These babies are so adorable and soooooo patient.
We just love them, hug them, and kiss them to pieces!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Little Lukas loves it when Steven comes along! He has found a new playmate for sure! Lukas immediately grabbed him, took him downstairs for a little Lego fun and then later for some baseball! When they were playing catch he told Steven: My dad catches every ball! You miss some of your more like a "grandpa type"! He says the funniest things!

Little Henli likes to add her touch on the Legos...................look out!

For Christmas Lukas got a whole bunch of the Lego Star Wars sets. He had not made this one yet so.............he and Steven sat down at (or on) the kitchen table and with the 30 some steps of instructions, they were on their way to building some of sort of star wars cruiser!

Henli wanted to be part of the fun too!

Oh my is the finished product and it appears to be carrying Luke Skywalker, R2D2 and C3PO. Very Cool

Anyway..............all in all it was a great weekend!

We did take in a movie, The Green Hornet!
I loved it............I thought it was hilarious and there were some awesome stunts in this movie. Two thumbs up from me!

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