Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My Confession

Well I did it.......I didn't want to do it but my children have been bugging me for months. Please mom, just go and do it and you really should have done it at age 50. So whats the big deal? I guess having been a nurse for 22 years you have kind of an insider look at these so called "procedures" and some not so pleasant thoughts about them.

We here in Utah had a local TV sports personality, Doug Miller who recently passed away because of colon cancer at age 59. There have been these constant commercials on for months about how if he would have had a colonoscopy at age 50 maybe it could have been detected and diagnosed early and he might still be alive today. Hence the prodding from my adult children. The older I get the more I realize that 59 is not old!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And yes........So now I am blogging about it. So....pass on by if you are offended or disturbed by this post. I apologize........

The only unpleasant part is the prep..........The stuff you drink is called Colyte. There is nothing that one could mix with this foul drink that could possibly make it taste any better. It is nasty and you have to drink a gallon of it in one day. A half gallon in two hour increments. I am not gonna lie........I could not finish it! I had a headache and chills all day long and after awhile you are so nauseated that you really don't care about the loss of food.

The procedure was a breeze! Thank goodness for the sleepy time medication through the IV.

It wasn't long I was back on the road again with my driver (thanks, my little bear)!

I encourage anyone over 50 who loves their family to just go and do it!

How precious is your life? How precious are your loved ones?

The best news here ....is now I am good for 10 years, and I will hope and pray that by then they have come up with something better to drink. We can go to the moon but can't seem to flavor a drink? Really?

I love you....my darling daughters! You are my world and I thank you for loving me enough....to care!

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janis said...

so they have been "prodding" you to do it? jk. made me laugh

On a serious note, Good for you! I am proud of you! When you are Blessed to have a loving family, the best gift you can give them, is you. And maintancing you is an important part of that. Keeping healthy and alive♥
Love you Brooke