Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Life's Greatest Mystery

Most people will tell you that life's greatest mystery is death. I beg to differ. I have that one pretty much figured out and needless to say I do not worry about it......much. I think we should be more concerned about our relationships. Life's greatest mystery to me is "the relationship" and why would we worry about what happens after death when we should all be working on our relationships with the living that surround us on a daily basis!

Relationships are always an important part of life. And I mean all relationships - friendship, love, marriage, relationship by choice, relationship by birth. Learn what makes them tick, why they sometimes go wrong, what one can do about it, and why they are so precious.

I am constantly wondering about relationships and what makes them tick. Just what is it that keeps friendships safe, that keeps couples together, that keeps us caring for and loving one another. I do believe that sometimes as we grow older we finally come to understand the things that make up "great relationships". As we grow wiser with age we come to understand to not sweat the small stuff that bothered us so much in our youth. Dang.......I sure wish alot of this would have come to me in my youth, as it would have really come in handy and saved me alot of tears and heartache.

I believe everything does happen for a reason. It's tough for me to regret much of anything that has happened in my life, because it has brought me to my current state of being. But I would have certainly done alot of things differently. Oh well.........moving forward.

Our relationships should be one of our most prized possession's and we must nurture them on a daily basis. We must always continue to care and serve those that we love.

We must never judge or criticize!

We must uplift and encourage those we love.

We must pray for our relationships that we are able to constantly strengthen one another.

Communication is such an important key to any relationship. If we can't talk do we ever understand what the other is saying or feeling.

Watch your thoughts; they become words. Watch your words; they become actions. Watch your actions; they become habits. Watch your habits; they become character. Watch your character; it becomes your destiny.


Pammy Sue said...

Hi (Is it Brook? I'm assuming that's your name from your blog title) ~

Thanks for visiting me and leaving me a comment. It makes me happy to know I made somebody smile or laugh! I'm a Follower. :)

Ziongirl said...

Pammy Sue.............Thanks for stopping by. Yes, It's Brooke. There is no greater joy than laughter! Thanks again.

janis said...

I love this Brooke!
I couldn't agree more.
Also I am so glad you & Pammy have met!