Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Crazy Bout Genealogy

For most of you who know me.........know that I spend countless hours on genealogy! It is one of my greatest loves and my greatest passions. It all started when I was a small girl growing up on a farm in Southeastern Iowa. We lived up the county road and you either went
to our house or an old county cemetery known as "Farlow". I have since added all these stones to

As a small child, I loved playing amongst the stones and I would spend many an hour just sitting and pondering on who these sweet souls were......... needless to say I have a few pets buried nearby! Shhhh.......don't tell anyone.

Each year I try to attend the Family History Expo in St. George and this year promises to be another event with some great courses and special speakers. Last year I was so impressed as "being a consultant" for my local LDS Church ward and I was able to attend for free.

Please check the Family History Expo website for all Expos, as there may be some in your area. Web link is

I have also listed some of my most favorite genealogy links on my "blogs that make me happy list " and most of these sites are

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Thank you for telling your readers about our St. George Expo. We have some great sessions planned. We look forward to seeing you there!