Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My Little Vandal........

My Little grandson Lukas is at that age where he is very curious about everything! And you know how kids seem to speak the truth!

Well.......a couple of weeks ago he was riding with his Grandma Becky and he asked about the state prison as they drove by and wondered what is it that "gets them in there". Grandma Becky told him that some of these people are vandals. To which he replied "what is a vandal"? She explained to him that a vandal is someone that destroys other peoples property. He thought about this for a minute and then replied. I'm sort of a vandal!!!!

Now really.......I ask you....Does he look like a vandal! I am still cracking up over this story!

1 comment:

janis said...

Awe... he is an Honest little guy! This is an opportunity for him to learn. What a sweetie.♥