Monday, October 11, 2010

Oak Hill Cemetery

In the center of Georgetown, lying along Rock Creek, a neighbor of Dumbarton Oaks and of Evermay, is a 19th Century garden park cemetery rivaled only by Boston's Mount Auburn Cemetery in graciousness and a sense of community.

This cemetery is "AMAZING"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The superintendent, Ella was so very nice and even unlocked her doors to us. She has lived on property for 26 years and you know that.......... totally excited me.

We were so excited to see the Carroll mausoleum, as this was where little Willie Lincoln was laid to rest when he died while his father was President. The grounds are so well taken care of and I can't even imagine the hours that the care takers put in with the grounds being so hilly.

So many interesting people buried here......The Peter family who are descendants of Martha Washington, a lot of Confederate women spys, Edwin Stanton (Lincoln's Secretary of War), Jefferson Davis (President of Confederate States of America) and Col. William Orton Williams ( Member of the Peter family of Tudor Place; hanged as a spy with his cousin and was engaged to Robert E. Lees daughter).

We were curious about burials and the expense of the plots. Wow were we shocked with her answer. This will give you an idea. For the last fiscal year there were 52 interments which totaled a net worth of $3,655,044.84. Guess I won't be thinking of resting here!!!

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