Thursday, October 14, 2010

Don't Make Me Over

Warwick wanted to re-record "Make It Easy On Yourself" in her first Scepter recording session. After she was told that Jerry Butler had already recorded it and had it scheduled for release by Vee Jay, she yelled at Burt Bacharach, "Don't make me over, man!" and stormed out of Bacharach's office.

Bacharach and Hal David quickly composed a song inspired by her outburst and offered it to Dionne. All was forgiven.
This was Warwick's first solo recording and first hit in 1962. She eventually had 30 more songs enter the US Top 40.

In 1989, a remake of this was the only hit for female Soul singer Sybil. Her version hit #20 US.
Dionne Warwick was born Marie Dionne Warrick. In the credits for this release, her name was misspelled. Shortly thereafter she began using the misspelled "Warwick."

Dionne is still touring the country but not anywhere out west! Maybe someday "we" will get the chance to see her sing this song in person.

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