Thursday, October 7, 2010


This morning while running my usual errands from work I ran into a friend of mine while entering a local business. We always hug and say how are you doing. He has had a lot of health issues in the past so I like to keep tabs on him. What a shocker!...................He now has a new problem as on a recent visit for a check up they have now found a cancerous tumor in his bladder. He will begin 6 weeks of chemotherapy next week.

As I got into my car..............I wept and I wept openly!
We are the same age!

I am just wondering why some of us are so affected by poor health. Of the affected persons I know, some have had some bad habits while others have lived a clean lifestyle free of alcohol, tobacco or other forms of substance abuse.

How grateful I am for my wonderful health. Sometimes we often forget that our "sweet" present life could change at any given moment.

My Gratitude List.................and it's just a beginning!

I am grateful for my health and I believe it to be one of my greatest blessings.
I am grateful for my family.
I am grateful for my relationship with my Father in Heaven and his Son, Jesus Christ.
I am grateful for my friends.
I am grateful that I am never hungry or without a roof over my head.
I am grateful to have a job that I LOVE...
I am grateful that I love the people that I work with.
I am grateful that I have tools to help me through life.
I am grateful that I have options, that I am free to make choices.
I am grateful to have the option to choose to be happy every day while I am upon this earth.
I am grateful to be able to serve others.
I am grateful that I am a positive and optimistic person.
I am grateful for repentance and the joy it brings to my life and those that surround me.

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