Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I am awake........
I cannot sleep.......
My heart is heavy......I cannot breathe...
My eyes are wet and I am sad
My mind will not stop thinking about it

There it was..... in a simple email
As if they were everyday words.......
The shocking news
"My friend is terminally ill"

I understand God's Plan
I understand illness and death all to well........
But again ...........I am still numb from the news
I have the knowledge that has been given to me through the gospel to understand this

I understand birth, living and dying
I understand that "the body" is just for this earthly life
That the "spirit" lives on..
That we will meet again.......

I am remembering events and the laughter we have shared
I am sad that I am not closer and cannot offer comfort
I am sad that I do not know what to do .........therefore all I can do is "Pray"
I will pray dear friend that you will not suffer...

I am sad for those who are left to mourn and suffer and give comfort
For you I will pray for strength and courage

As I wander outside to take in deep breaths of life in the late night air ...I see the moon.
My beautiful beautiful moon! Will there be moons in heaven?

And I ponder the thought of how many more moons I will gaze upon before I too... am called home to live with my Father in Heaven.

I will try harder to live my life more fully everyday
I will not waste a minute of it
I will serve others
I will be more kind and loving

I will ask for forgiveness and I will grow a deeper testimony

I will appreciate every breath I breathe..... to live
To just "LIVE"
To live a full and righteous life while I am here on this earthly journey!

1 comment:

janis said...

Oh Brooke!
My prayers to you. and to your friend & her/his loved ones too. May this journey be a loving one not a difficult one.
So many times we are dealt withthings that are unexplainable and unimaginable. Remember that with God you can get through this. Trust in Him and he will guild you.
My Love & prayers!