Sunday, September 19, 2010


Are you someone who tends to overthink things? What exactly is overthinking anyway? According to the psychologists, overthinking is "thinking too much, needlessly and passively". And, endlessly pondering the meanings, causes and consequences of your character, your feelings and, especially, your problems."

Many people think that when they feel down, disappointed or discouraged by some events, that thinking about them extensively and analyzing the situation in order to figure it out will help. The reality, if we look at the science, is just the opposite. Rather than being helpful, endless ruminating about causes and explanations of possible negative events tends to make people feel worse.

It can be so toxic, that it prevents us from taking important pro-active steps that could improve the situation and it can lead to a negative spiral toward an ever worsening mood, a negative distortion of reality, and even, in those who are vulnerable, clinical depression.

I truly believe that "overthinking is a tool of Satan".............

Life, work and the world around us are all full of problems and challenges, from minor annoyances, flaws and imperfections, to major tragedies and frightening risks and possibilities, but overthinking them does not make them better. Nor does it make us safer, or somehow less likely to be bothered or hurt by any of these vicissitudes. Instead, it makes us feel worse and makes us less likely to take positive action to improve our mood or actually change those situations which are changeable.

Has this ever happened to you? What can you do to head this off?

1. Distract yourself: Choose to redirect your mind to something else...something positive. First and foremost I think it is important to pray and turn my thoughts to my father in heaven. Reading my scriptures gives me great strength and peace!

2. Give up on perfection: We are all a work in progress. We need to laugh and learn from our mistakes and problems. If we do not learn we will more than likely repeat them.

3. Avoid triggers: Stay away, or limit your time as much as possible with people or situations that tend to lead you into feeling negative and overthinking. Identify who and what those are, and how you can decrease your exposure to those triggers.

4. Go for "flow." Find areas of your life, whether it is hobbies or giving service to others, so that you become so absorbed in that....that you lose yourself to all other thoughts. Schedule time for those activities that create flow in your life weekly, daily if possible.

5. First and foremost I believe we must stay close to God the father and his son Jesus Christ. We must always search, ponder and pray that we might follow him and always be an example of him. We must repent and move on!

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