Monday, September 20, 2010

Family Time is Always A Blessing

What a wonderful Sunday. The kids... Joe, Mackenzie and baby Wynter came to spend the day and the night here in Zion. What a wonderful special time when we are all together. We were just lazy and enjoyed the day just wandering around Zion and laying around at home.

We love Funniest Videos on TV and when we would laugh... Wynter would just crack up out loud and turn and look at her Nana and laugh. What a happy happy baby she is.

The kids camped out by the river at the resort and after dark we enjoyed a campfire with Joe and Mackenzie's special S'mores. Only two small injuries from the campfire sparks....Kenzie's leg and my toe!!!

Baby Wynter with her monkey from Nana that she loves to hug and give kisses too.

We are a licorice eating family and it's about time Wynter got on board!!!

My baby girl and her baby girl.................Good Times!!!!

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