Monday, September 20, 2010

Judds Store

Oh the memories! Often times when I am in St. George for the day I will swing by Thomas Judd's store for a sandwich or just a quick glimpse at the candy counter. I can't hardly believe it is still here on Tabernacle Street.

These memories are bittersweet for me. When the girls were in 6th grade this was the place to be! In those days in St. George there was only one 6th grade center for the entire school system which was located right across from Judds. It is the old Woodward School.

The girls loved going to Judds for lunch. It was special and only on certain days could they go ...and there were always "girls day" and then "boys day". I mostly remember them getting the famous bread sticks with cheese dip.

It takes me back to a time when my babies were just little blonde haired cutie pa-tooties.
So sweet are my girls kind and loving.

Yes..........I have wonderful memories of my girls being "little girls" but they are wonderful adults.......... mothers and wives.

Tis the circle of life........You can't stop time!

How grateful I am .........for my memories!

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