Thursday, September 2, 2010

My Mad Obsession With Old Cars!!

What is it with me and old cars? Maybe it's just old stuff in general! I too am getting older and one day I will be an antique! (tee hee). Not just yet though!!!!!!

I am always so happy when I see cars from "yester years" and that I have the camera so handy in my little tote bag!

so.......just what is it about old cars that makes my heart flutter? I think it takes me back to a simpler place in time. You know..........the good ole days!

When I was a little girl living on the farm my Grandpa Frank had an old car like this but it was green in color. Every morning he would drive to our farm house from his house in town. It was just about a mile jaunt, but he would stop first at O'briens Bakery and bring my brother Steven and I chocolate donuts and maple bars. As silly as this probably sounds it still lingers in my mind as one of the sweetest memories of my favorite Grandpa! This sure was a long time ago but I can still close my eyes and see myself watching out the window for my Grandpa!

Yep.....................The Good Ole Days.......They Really Were Good!!!!

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