Monday, March 21, 2011

Street Performers

Last year when mom and I went to San Francisco there were alot of these street musicians on the wharf. They have tin cans for your donation... With some you get a tootsie pop or a tootsie roll. We also see them when we are in New Orleans down by the french market area.

What we didn't know and know now because we were up early this year and down in the wharf area, we found that these performers, or at least some of them .........actually live and sleep on the streets. They sleep on these benches with their little tote nearby that holds their "wardrobe and props". I guess that is how they reserve their "stage area or corner". This gentleman above is spray painting his silver coat for a new days performance.

This fella kept looking over to the man who was still asleep on the nearby bench but he eventually got going and was soon walking around in his pajamas welcoming the new day.

We soon came to recognize this man by his colorful cap. He was always in this general area at night and then one morning we saw him unloading and loading goods at the nearby Boudin's Bakery.

This fella had an old violin but making "beautiful" music.

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