Thursday, March 24, 2011

Jax o Hatz

Located on Mason Street is this adorable Hat Shoppe. I have not seen a hat shoppe in years and I was so excited that I wanted to "lunge" off the little site seeing tram and run inside. I guess it's a good thing the shoppe was closed. Please enlarge the photo to see these two incredible pieces of art in her window!

Jacqueline 'JAX' Ryan is JAX o HATZ. Jax is a Fifth Generation San Franciscan. As a child she remembers taking shopping trips with her Grandmother, Mother and two older sisters every year in the Spring that began by taking the N Judah streetcar downtown to Market and Powell; a quick stop at Woolworths candy counter; a cable car ride up to visit her great-uncle in his x-ray office at 450 Sutter; then a few blocks west to The City of Paris and The Big "E" to purchase Easter outfits... with the perfect bonnet of course! Thus began her love affair with hats...

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