Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Henli Turns Three....How Can That Be?

My sweet little grandaughter Henli turned three this past weekend so I traveled north to spend a few days. I just do not know where the time goes! It seems like just yesterday I was there for her birth. She is the sweetest little angel and she and her Nana have the best time together. I love her so much! I love all my grandbabies so much. Who knew you could love "more" than your own children? Isn't love wonderful? It just grows and grows...........

Aunt Becky and one of the twins......hmmmm guessing it's Jenny!

Oh my gosh.......where do I even start the opening?

Daddy lighting the cake....I love her expression here!

Notice the cute cupcake hair band mommy made for her.

She is our happy happy sweet loving girl!

The twins were both sick with colds and the poor babies had such a hard time sleeping but I was able to get this cute pic of baby Claire.


janis said...

precious precious precious! All your Grands are so adorable!
Great pictures & Im sure great memories were made.
Love to you Brooke♥

Colleen said...

What a darling little girl...and so happy too! I can hardly wait to experience the wonderful stage of grand mothering. :)