Thursday, March 17, 2011

Grace Cathedral

Grace Cathedral is an Episcopal cathedral located on Nob Hill in San Francisco. It is the cathedral church of the Episcopal Diocese of California, once state-wide in area, now comprising parts of the San Francisco Bay Area. The cathedral community is known for its open-mindedness.

Grace Church, was founded in 1849 during the California Gold Rush. The cathedral is the daughter of historic Grace Church. The first little chapel was built in the gold rush year of 1849, and the imposing third church, for a time called Grace "Cathedral", was destroyed in the fire following the 1906 earthquake. The railroad baron/banker Crocker family gave their ruined Nob Hill property for a diocesan cathedral, which took its name and founding congregation from the nearby parish.

These doors are rarely opened with the exception of special visitors or events. The day that we were there the sweet lady at the information booth told us that the next day Bishop Desmond Tutu would be speaking and "the doors would open". How cool!

Love the gargoyles!

Guess who lives here?

God Loves All His Children.............


janis said...

Oh Brooke~
Grace Cathedral is beautiful! As a Catholic, many of our Churches are old Cathedrals and built so beautifully back in the turn of the century. Amazing how much detail went into our churches. Today because of the cost, and the need to use church monies to help those in need, we hardly built such grand structures.
I MUST get cleaning of my little castle. Your playlist has motivated me & I have decided to play it while cleaning. So thank you for the motivation to get moving!
Have a Blessed weekend Love!

janis said...

Oh Brooke~
Im taking a lunch break & I must say...We are Music Soul Sisters! I have yet to hear a song I don't care for on your playlist! And LS Simple Man...ahh one of my all time favorites!