Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Sweet Birthday Surprise!

On Friday Mackenzie, Joe and Wynter showed up on my doorstep singing "Happy Birthday", holding balloons and bringing gifts and cake. What a surprise! Then I got to take Saturday off from work. Wow..............Thanks everyone who made this happen!

We spent the whole weekend just hanging out and playing tourist.

Geez.......... I just can't take them anywhere! This is one of our favorite places to eat, "Bit and Spur". What even made it sweeter is that I had a coupon for two free meals!

I'm ready for a nice thick juicy steak Nana! ok.......maybe a few bites of beans Dad!

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Rebecs said...

Happy Birthday Brooke! Sorry I missed it on FB, I was on a FB vacation! Glad you had a good day and that Kenz & company came to see you. Wynter is such a doll, as are all your granddaughters and that one little Lukey. Happy Happy Belated Birthday to the hottest, hippest nana around!