Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Just Do It

It's that time!

I can no longer ignore it! Nor can I deny it's purpose!

I can no longer use the excuse "It's to hot......here in Zion Canyon". The mornings and evenings have cooled to where it's most definitely.... tolerable!

So............out I go, sometimes with friends and sometimes alone.

Hair up in a ponytail and the baseball hat in place.

Running shoes laced and I'm off!!!

I hate to exercise! I hate the thought of exercise...........YUCK

But when I sit and ponder it, the hate part is the "getting my butt out the door part".

When I am out and walking or running "I am loving it"!

I get to enjoy nature at it's best!

Hey Joe and Mackenzie let's do the Butch Cassidy run/walk again this year!
This could actually be a great family event. Maybe Pam and her sis too?

We could have some cool shirts made! Does that sweeten the adventure?

This morning I met Nena and Auggie Doggie on my walk. She has lived in the community for more than twenty years and me for ten years. Now isn't that a shame! You have to know that this is a small community here in Zion Canyon.

When I really thought about this I realized I know everyone at my work and at my church very well. What a great opportunity now for me to get to know those in the community that are not part of the current "zion girl" world.


janis said...

I thought about starting to jog this fall. It would be a first for me. Now I ponder if I will have this messed up ankle as an excuse... Always something to blame!

Ziongirl said...

Oh Janis.....You are so cute! Don't worry about jogging or running....walking is just as good and It certainly clears ones head! We all love the blame game!