Sunday, August 23, 2009

National Cemetery in Alexandria Virginia

You know me .......I can't pass by any cemetery without stopping and checking it out. It was somewhat confusing at first. When they first started buring the dead back then there were individual cemeteries for all the different faiths. You know.......the Lutherans, Protestants, etc. Years later they just fenced it all in and made it a National Cemetery where their are still certain areas for those and then an established area for those to be buried in the military.
Directly to my left at the entrance are four graves and a marker. It stated that these four men lost their lives April 24, 1865 while in pursuit of Booth, the assassin of our beloved President Abraham Lincoln. Their names are Samuel N. Gosnell, Geo. W. Huntington, Christopher Farley and Peter Carroll. You just never know what you are going to learn upon the journey.

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