Sunday, August 23, 2009

Arlington National Cemetery

This is the Columbarium section 8 where my dad in "inurned" at the top left. If you can look to the back and see a white wall running along the road this is where now they are adding more room for "inurned" military graves. I can't tell you exactly how long the distance is but I am guessing it was close to a couple of miles and it appears that it runs about 4 niches high.
A few flowers, a poem and spending some time with my father. I miss my dad every day!

These are new markers from when we were here last August. Waiting.......Waiting.....for the permanent markers. New sections all the time..........New dead.............It is still shocking to me..the effects of war. I am always humbled when I am at Arlington. Burials on a daily basis are close to forty. The one section near my father appears to be the newest with almost all the stones we looked at are labeled "IRAQ"..........My heart aches for the loss.

We love watching the ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknown. The Old Guard........

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