Sunday, August 2, 2009


Oh my goodness..............Today I have had two friends ask me "where the heck you been and are you ok"? They check my blog quite often and noticed that I have been MIA.

I have just been really busy ............that is no excuse is it?

I know .......I missed such a great opportunity to take photos of my grandkids that were here last weekend but kept forgetting the camera. I have had my mind on a stupid foot problem. I finally went to the Dr. two weeks ago and he diagnosed it as a "neuroma" What.....??? He wanted to inject cortisone but I said "YOU WANT TO DO WHAT"?????????88796%$@#*&(&

Being a nurse for 22years I can certainly tell you that ...that has been my most fearful experience. For others that is!. I nearly passed out just thinking about it. Anyway I did make an appointment after I got home that day for the following Monday. I now would have a week to prepare myself mentally. It was just to painful to not try it. is really cramping my lifestyle. I love running and it was just getting impossible. We all know that if you don't exercise you can't eat cake. That's the pits......

Both of my daughters have been very concerned and my sweet daughter Ivy was able to come on Sunday with those sweet grandbabies and spend the night. Then on Monday we headed to St. George to the foot Doctor. Even sitting in the waiting room I pictured myself making a break for it and running for the door. What a big baby I am!!! Even watching out the little window from my exam room I pictured myself bracing the door as the Doctor tried to enter. Ha Ha. I really should be a writer. IT WAS BAD......JUST LIKE I THOUGHT..BUT FOR ONLY A SMALL MOMENT.

I would like to say that it has helped but it has been nearly a week and I don't see much improvement. Boo Hoo. The next step I guess is surgery. The doctor says it's no big deal and I will only have to be off my feet for 2 or 3 days. Now, I will just have to find the time to squeeze it into my busy schedule. Until cake for me.

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