Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Real Simple

I love this magazine! Yes.........I think this could be the same magazine that I lifted from the Dr.'s office last month ............(tee-hee)! I have just purchased my first issue and seriously, I really love it! There is tons of stuff for me in here..........great articles that actually interest me! Lots of cool recipes and other fun stuff. What is even cooler is that the pages feel different, like the paper has a really neat feel to it. If you get a chance... check one out!

I subscribe to only two other magazines and those are Family Tree (genealogy) and The Smithsonian........What an old crusty I am getting to be!!! A few years back I was occasionally buying "People" magazine and seriously, what was up with that? I do have to admit that when I travel I will pick up a copy every so often but now I will travel with my new issue of "Real Simple" on my trip this month.

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janis said...

I love it too. I had a subscription to it for years & must renew. Ive missed it for a year now. Isnt it just fab?