Saturday, February 18, 2012

Growing Shamrocks

Care Tips

1. Plant in well-drained peat-based potting soil.

2. Keep at normal room temperature (55 to 75 degrees).

3. Grow in bright, indirect light.

4. Water regularly on top of the soil.

5. Let almost dry between waterings.

6. Fertilize once a month.

Select a good plant by looking for one with new growth, a few flower buds just opening and more ready to bloom. You can grow shamrocks from bulbs ...which needs to be planted in the late spring or early fall, but starting with a plant is much more reliable.

Out of curiousity I have just made a few local calls and no one appears to carry our little shamrock. The good advice I was given though.....was to check the supermarket floral department in a couple of weeks as they usually have them in stock. Makes perfectly good sense..........

Did you know it was traditional to plant peas on St. Patricks Day?

Did you know that green is my favorite color? (giggles).....Has to be the Irish in me!!

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