Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Who Doesn't Love the Park...

The parks of the 21st century just amaze me and It seems like there is a park on every block. This park in Las Vegas where Mackenzie and Joe take Wynter even has a splash pad.

When we were kids.......that is what the garden hose was for!

Am I right?

When we were kids ( I know.........my kids are shaking their heads), but seriously all we had were swings, slides and usually a broken down old teeter-totter. There might have been an old set of monkey bars but that was a very long time ago to try to remember. But I do remember that I would swing for hours and hours at a time. We were even daring and stood up on the swings! Woo Hoo............

Oh ...........how I miss my youth!

Wynter is thinking "how do I get a drink here?"

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Jenny B said...

Now days its almost impossible to find a park WITH swings. My kids always want to swing but the newer parks dont have them.