Saturday, May 14, 2011

It's never to be.. what you might have been.


janis said...

I love this!
Brooke~ you are such an awesome gal. I do wish we lived closer. I think you would make such a wonderful fun friend... yeah.. I feel like you are a friend already, & am thankful for internet...your uplifting postings & comments on mine.. I know you keep me in prayer (as I do you) I would love to hang out with a buddy like you to take pictures in cemeteries, sightseeing, laugh eat & pray together!
Your my little soul sister♥
Love you!

Ziongirl said...

Janis, I too know that we would be hanging out! I love you and I love that we have become so close through this "bloggy" world! I am always so inspired by your posts and your comments.♥