Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Temple Square Salt Lake City

This is an even more special time of year at Temple Square because "The Nativity" goes up between the Visitors Center and the Tabernacle.

My Little Layni had never been here! so..........between Olive Garden and The Nutcracker we walked (walked very briskly darting in and out of all the city construction and baracades) several blocks to hurry and see "The Nativity". The weather was so beautiful this day.

This is the view of the Visitors Center and of course you can see the The Three Wisemen behind Layni.

It is such a spectacular vision to behold! So beautifully put together. There were actually two guys roaming around inside the barrier and taking pictures of each other beside various pieces. How weird.......I thought..........Where is security? I'm sure someone was watching somewhere. But they certainly weren't hurting anything and I guess that would be "The Christ Like" thing to do.

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