Monday, December 20, 2010

Amazing Waterfall Shots!

Today is actually day five here in Zion Canyon for non-stop rain and it is expected to continue for four more. I have lived in this area for over thirty some years and here in Zion for over ten. I have never been able to catch "the falls" in the park. This past weekend Steven and I went up into the park two days in a row and these are some of the amazing shots we were lucky enough to capture. This upper photo is taken at the Riverside Walk Trail!

If I were to guess I would say that we saw over 40 waterfalls.........." Magnificent "

Breathtaking!.................This one was coming right out of the mountain side and it was gushing!

Raindrops kept falling on my head and.................. our windshield! It was pouring!

This is however the danger of massive amounts of rain here in the Canyon! You certainly have to be careful driving up the Scenic loop and through the park on Highway 9. We are located right on the Virgin River and since I have lived next to the river I have a new found respect for water.

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