Wednesday, November 3, 2010

When Should The Christmas Music Start?

Hmmm! That day would be today!

There is just something warm and fuzzy that comes with listening to Christmas music.

It helps me to get into the "spirit"! By spirit, I mean the real spirit of Christmas.

The birth of Jesus Christ and the blessings and promises he brings to us.

As I grow older I try to focus on this message and I am trying to be better about teaching my grandchildren about the true meaning of Christmas also.

This year there will be less gifts for our entire family and really.......that is the way it should be.

Just being together and loving each other and having everyone be healthy is "blessings" enough.

So.........Don't furrow your brow when you hear my playlist!

.....Know that my heart and mind are in the right place!

1 comment:

lramey said...

i am so with you! don't tell, but maybe I started listening to it a week ago....