Monday, November 29, 2010

The Annual Holiday Candy Making

Every Christmas holiday I buy a 10 pound bar of milk chocolate and make candy with both girls and their families. It's a tradition that we have done for many years. We buy the "huge" candy bar at a local store called Christensens. When I first started buying it 20 years ago I think it was around $15.00 and it was a Ghiradelli bar. My understanding is that Ghiradelli no longer makes a 10 pound bar but the substitutes have been almost as yummy. It's chocolate for heaven's sake!!!!!! It has to be good! This year I paid $36.99! Inflation.......:(

First you have to melt the chocolate in a double boiler! It looks as if Wynter is already bored!
Of course you have to have the annual Christmas music going so it puts us in the spirit. There is always alot of dancing and singing (often the wrong words)....and at times poor Wynter thought her mom and Nana had done lost their minds! But.........It was the best time ever!

This is what the bar looks like minus a couple of hunks that we had to try to make sure it was any good! (giggles)..................

and..................we appear to still be trying the chocolate and trying to get baby Wynter into the swing of the whole candy making world! was late by the time Mackenzie got to this point. You may ask... what the heck?

Potato chips, bananas, graham crackers, marshmellows and of course.......chocolate!

We ended up making about two of the giant trays of chocolate covered pretzels (Joe's favorites), and three giant trays of peanut clusters. We used about 3 pounds of chocolate all together for her family!

Now.................................THE CLEANUP!

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janis said...

YUMMY! Can I like the bowl?
When I was a teen, I had a Bestie that's Mom made (& still does) the Best Candy EVER! She was a bit of a perfectionist, so I came over, & ate all the rejects... If it wasn't perfect, I got them :) The peanut butter balls and the truffles were my favorites♥